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HELLO! I am Candis Press.  It's nice to meet you! I own and operate Press Films located here in sunny Los Angeles, California where I live with my husband, daughter and two weirdo cats. 

Here is a bit about me: I love to travel, eat delicious food, and rummage through a good vintage shop.  I watch a lot of rom coms, hallmark movies, and classic films.  And I listen to a lot of 90's rock, 2000's pop and oldies. I collect old cameras, records and have so many band tees, I can barely shut my drawer (true story). 


Now for the more important things you need to know when hiring a videographer.  I’ve been doing videography professionally for over eleven years.  And I love it! I had other jobs before this, but this is definitely my passion.  I love the little moments of a wedding day.  The ones that surprise you.  The ones that make your wedding uniquely yours. There is nothing more fulfilling than capturing the unexpected for you.   


While I could definitely nerd out on the psychology of a wedding film, and our formula for making our films pop, but really it's all about the feels for me.  I’m a big feeler.  And the greatest compliment I receive is when my client’s tell me they are in happy tears over their video, and how much it warms my heart.  It’s one of my favorite things about my job. Letting you keep those emotions, and transporting you back to your wedding day for each anniversary. 

Hello New Friend!

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I want to get to know you better too! 
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