HELLO! My name is Candis Press.  I’m a quirky + fun videographer located in LA.  But if you are located outside of California you should know the only thing I love more than hanging with my family, is traveling with them to new destinations, and having all sorts of adventures.


The non important facts you may want to know about me.  I am a coffee drinker, and lover of occasions that need champagne, even if that is a Tuesday night and the only real reason is it was a good day.  The foo fighters are my favorite band.  Audrey Hepburn is my favorite actress and my go to bad day cure.  Although, I’m also a bit Star Wars obsessed and have many other nerdy vices.  One of my most hated things is writing bios, and having my own picture taken.


Now for the more important things you need to know when hiring a videographer.  I’ve been doing videography for work for over nine years now.  And I love it.  I had other jobs before this, but this is definitely my passion.  I love capturing moments for my clients and telling their stories.  Whether it is a love story, a business journey, or an emotional milestone.  They all need to be told, and I get to help tell them.  There is nothing more fulfilling than that.  


It’s really all about the feels.  I’m a big feeler.  And the greatest compliment I receive is when my client’s tell me that I have given them something they can cherish forever.  I can’t tell you how many times a client will tell me they are in happy tears over their video, and how much it warms my heart because I have usually cried with them or when editing.  It’s one of my favorite things about my work. Letting you keep the feels.

So contact me and let’s discuss how I can tell your personal story.  Or let’s chat about Star Wars, listen to Everlong and have some champagne!

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